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12 Yellow Roses Bunch

12 Yellow Roses Bunch Send Beautiful Flower Bouquet in Asansol home delivery online

A 1 Mothers day Butterscotch cake

Mothers day Butterscotch cake Asansol, Durgapur, Kulti, Raniganj, Burnpur, Fresh cream with Butterscotch chips, Your Mom Gonna love it, order

A1 Choco Vanilla Mothers Day Cake

Choco Vanilla Mothers Day Cake Choco Vanilla Mothers Day Cake in Asansol, Durgapur, Kulti, Barakar, Burnpur, Special Chocolate with Vanilla

A1 Mothers Day Chocolate Cake

A1 Mothers Day Chocolate Cake A1 Mothers Day Chocolate Cake in Heart Shape for Asansol, Durgapur, Raniganj, Kulti, Barakar, Premium

A1 Mothers Day Special Cake Vanilla

Mothers Day Special Cake Vanilla cake in Asansol, Durgapur, Also available in Strawberry and Butterscotch flavor, order for Asansol, Durgapur,

A1 Mothers day Strawberry Cake

Mothers day Strawberry Cake 500 Gms Product Details: Cake Flavour- Strawberry Type of Cake – Fresh Cream Weight- Half Kg

A1 Mothers Day Strawberry Vanilla cake

Mothers Day Strawberry Vanilla cake in Asansol, Durgapur, Raniganj and Chittaranjan. Weight 500 Gms. Order online now Check out the special Mothers Day Add ons.

A1 Red Velvet for MOM

A1 Red Velvet for MOM A1 Red Velvet for MOM, Delicious Red velvet cake, Mothers Day special Red Velvet cake

A1 Sweet Chocolate For Mom

A1 Sweet Chocolate For Mom A1 Sweet Chocolate Cake For Mom, Delicious and yummy Swiss chocolate Sweet one cake for

A1Mothers Day Blackforest Cake

Mothers Day Blackforest cake in Asansol, Durgapur, Raniganj and Chittaranjan. Delicious and yummiest one, Weight 500 Gms Blackforest cake  

Aromatic love

When a bunch of 10 exotic roses comes together in such a fantastic red paper packing with the ribbon bow, it defines loveliness! The charm and beauty associated with this bouquet of ten red roses will leave the receiver spellbound. Perfect for occasions

Birthday Bash

A bouquet of red roses to show how much love you feel for that dear one who is celebrating his/her special day is a wonderful idea. Complement that with a super delicious pineapple cake along with a Birthday Bash. It is a perfect treat for success party, birthday, anniversary, rose day, propose day, valentine’s day, mother’s day, daughter’s day, get-together and other occasions.

Black Forest Oreo Cake 1 KG

Online Home Delivery Asansol Cakes Shop Asansol, The cake is specially designed for Oreo lovers. Its a different chocolate cake

Black Forest Snickers Cake 1 KG

Online Cake Delivery Asansol Shop Best Cake Shop Asansol, Some cakes doesn’t need any description… They speak volume about themselves

Blackforest Birthday Cake 0.5

when you serve this moist Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Layer Cake frosted with Fresh Vanilla Cream.

Blackforest Cake 0.5 Kg

Black forest cake is wonderful example of German baking tradition.

Blueberry Space Cake

Blueberry Space Cake has an insanely delicious blueberry tropical flavor with hints of mouthwatering citrus on each exhale,Same day & free home Delivery all over Asansol. Product Details:
  • Cake Flavor- Lavender Blueberry
  • Weight- ONE Kg
  • Shape- Round
  • Serves- 12-14 People

Bright Wishes

The blitz of innocence -This 8 yellow gerbera bouquet will bring a bright splash of purity to their special occasion or celebration. The bouquet is wonderfully wrapped in yellow paper packing to create a splendid gift that will add to the beauty of their day.

Butterscotch Cake 1KG

Online Cake Delivery Asansol Shop Best Online Shop Asansol, The delicious Butterscotch Cake will delight your loved ones no end.

Butterscotch Chipsy

Butterscotch Chipsy Cake, The Butterscotch cake is the perfect combination of smooth cream, melting caramel and butterscotch. 500 Gms Cake, Free Home Delivery in Asansol, Also available in Durgapur, Raniganj, Barakar, Kulti, Dhanbad and Chittaranjan.

Butterscotch Reverie Cake 0.5 kg

Delicious is the word that can define the actual taste of this butterscotch cake. This butterscotch cake is completely covered with mouth-watering whipped cream and the swirls of whipped cream makes this cake appear really luscious. Now it's time to take your cake eating venture to a new level with this cake.

Butterscotch Yellow Rose cake 0.5

Make your love one’s day more special send this beautiful Cake

Butterscotch-Mix Cake 0.5 kg

This mouth watering and scrumptious treat baked with some of the best flavors is a perfect delight to gratify your soul. Add sweetness to your bond with your loved ones by sending this Butterscotch Hazelnut cake on special occasions. Loaded with swirls of whipped cream chocolate, this cake looks dreamy.

Caramelly Shine 1 kg

Get down and dirty with this 1 Kg Snickers Caramel Cake. It has the goodness of peanuts, chocolate and caramel along with a delightful sponge.Gorge onto this delectable Cake straight away.

Cheerful Wishes

This cheerful wishes,  is the epitome of friendship, shine and care. Gift this bouquet of yellow roses to your friend on friendship day to strengthen the bond of friendship. 10 yellow roses are taken together and wrapped elegantly in cellophane along with ribbon bow.

Cherry On The Black Forest 0.5 kg

Baked with the richness of chocolate and fresh vanilla cream, this arresting Black forest cake is topped with the luscious cherries that will let you surrender all your senses to it. Perfect for a birthday bash, this delicious Black forest gateau can brighten up anyone's mood. Order this mouth watering cake on your special occasions and enjoy a blissful time with your loved ones.

Cherry Red Velvet Cake 0.5 kg

Perfectly baked with the most delicious ingredients, this red velvet cake looks absolutely arresting. Garnished with dark chocolates, this captivating cake is topped with a luscious cherry on the top. So, embellish your special occasions with this ravishing red velvet cake which is sure to infuse the feelings of love and affection in your life.

Cherrylicious Chocolate Cake 0.5 kg

Sweeten up your birthday or anniversary or Valentine's day with this extremely delicious chocolate cake. Beautifully designed with chocolate syrup, chocolate bars, choco whipped cream, this cake will leave you mesmerized by its rich flavour. To enhance its taste, this cake is garnished with luscious cherries on the top.

Choco Chip & Rice Cake 1 kg

This chocolate chip cake is comfort food. Made from a relatively dry gel sponge cake and garnished generously with chocolate chips, you just cant have enough of this.

Choco Chip Cake 1 kg

This chocolate chip cake is comfort food. Made from a relatively dry gel sponge cake

Choco Dollops and Chips 1kg

Asansol Delivery Cake Online Asansol Delivery Cake, On this special day, treat your loved ones with lots of sweetness and

Choco Dry Nutty Cake 1 kg

Cakes Delivery Asansol Online Cakes Delivery Asansol Online, Love connected with heart but nutty too… A Chocolate lover never misses

Choco Heart Valentine

Chocolate Heart Valentine cakes in Asansol, Durgapur and Dhanbad area, Delicious Chocolate truffle cake for This Valentines Day in Asansol,

Choco Rice Fudge Cake 0.5

For a chocolate lover… Rich chocolate sponge layers filled with Swiss choco cream and chocolate truffle.

Choco Royal Cake 1 kg

A scrumptious fresh cream cake with chocolate sponge and sweet chocolate glaze drizzled all over.The cake gives a welcoming gesture through its enticing garnish with chocolate flakes on sides.

Choco Truffle Cake 0.5 kg


Creating a memorably edible creation for your special occasions. Surprise someone special with delicious Chocolate Truffle Cake 500gm.

Choco Vanilla

Description Choco Vanilla Cake, a premium  fresh cream cake with a dual flavor, available for Asansol, Durgapur only, Please call

Choco-Almond Delight Cake 0.5 kg

Gorge on this absolutely tempting and delectable Chocolate cake flavored with the nutty Almonds on your special occasions. Baked with the finest quality of chocolates, this luscious cake is enriched with crunchy Almonds garnished in the shape of heart and topped with molten chocolates on the top. Add frolic to your celebrations with this delicious choco-almond cake

Choco-Holicks 1 kg

On this special day, treat your loved ones with lots of sweetness and love. Made with layers of chocolate, this cake simply melts in your mouth.

Choco-Vanilla Cake 0.5 kg

Indulge yourself in the amazing flavors of your favorite chocolate and luscious Vanilla which will gratify your taste buds and calm your senses by its flavors. This Choco-Vanilla cake is enriched with whipped cream and garnished with chocolates on the top. Send this yummy cake to your loved ones on special occasions to put a smile on their face.

Chocochip Bonanza Cake 1 kg

A delightful, moist chocolate cake studded with semi-sweet Swiss Dark chocolate and Belgian white choco chips and drizzled with a decadent semi-sweet glaze.This cake can also be an excellent gifting option to your friends.

Chocolate Beauty 1 KG

This Chocolate Butter Cake has two layers of moist and truffle cake that are sandwiched together and frosted with a satiny smooth chocolate frosting.

Chocolate Butter Scotch Cake 1 kg

It is a round chocolate cake with truffle pouring from all over the cake and butterscotch crunches on the top of the cake...A mouthwatering cake.

Chocolate Cream Gateaux Cake

The spongy texture combined with the dark melting chocolate will make your spirits go round and round. The scrumptious flavor of this cake will last longer on your taste buds and will make you ask for more.

Chocolate Fudgy Cake

Chocolate Fudgy Cake, The chocolate fudge is the moist chocolate cake which has a dense chocolate gathering. This chocolate fudge cake is the chocolate pool for all chocolate lovers. The smooth chocolate flavor in every single bite will make you leave asking for more. Free home delivery in Asansol, Also available for Durgapur, Dhanbad, Raniganj, Kulti, Barakar and Chittaranjan

Chocolate Lovers′ Custard Cake 0.5

Your heart will melt with every bite of our Chocolate Custard Cake featuring alternating layers of chocolate cake and creamy vanilla custard.

Chocolate Marble Wonder Cake 1 kg

Richness of chocolate minced with chocolate marble cream at the top for ultimate taste. 1 Kg Cake Asansol online Cake Delivery Shop.

Chocolate Photo Cake for Mom

Surprise your mom with a personalized photo cake on mothers day. Get your picture printed on 1 kg cake.


A good honest chocolate cake iced with ganache and double layers of ganache throught the centre. Make your love one’s day more special send this beautiful Cake delicious 500 gm/ cake is perfect for your occasion.

Chocolate Swiss Torte 1 kg

A Swiss Chocolate Torte is a European style cake that has a rich chocolate flavor, and a soft, moist, almost pudding-like texture. It is similar to a Chocolate Torte only double Swiss choco truffle stuffed are added to the batter.

Chocolaty-Swiss Chocolate Adventure 1 KG

One of the top best-sellers in our collection, this Cake needs no introduction. This 1 Kg freshly baked Swiss Chocolate Cake is to die-for. Suitable for celebrating special Birthdays, Anniversaries etc and making them more memorable.

Chocolicious Black Forest Cake 0.5 kg

This cake is an absolutely soul pleasing treat for all those who are mad over chocolates. Relish this devilishly delicious Black forest cake enriched with fresh vanilla cream and garnished with chocolate shavings on the top and by the side. Topped with luscious cherry, this rich Black forest cake is a perfect delicacy to gorge on your happy birthday.

Christmas Fruit Cake

Christmas Fruit Cake, Brighten your Christmas eve with this fantastic Christmas Gift.Delight your loved one with a lovely Christmas Plum Cake.1 kg with egg.

Coffee Cake 1 KG

The great flavour of coffee takes a centre stage in this signature creation. Add this to your list of anytime refreshment and experience engaging flavours of caffeine glazed over the richly whipped cream.

Cookies Crumble Cake 1 KG

A rich, moist chocolate sponge with oreo buttercream filling, topped with cookie crumble. Great for birthdays!

Creamy Round Chocolate Cake 1 Kg

This heart-shaped Chocolate chiffon cake is filled with chocolate whipped cream and then covered with a layer of shiny chocolate ganache.

Deutschland BlackForest 1Kg

it consist colorful handmade fresh creme flowers n leafs along with topping of red cherries around making the cake look a perfect centerpiece on the table.Best gifting idea for occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or just to celebrate love!

Ecstatic Surprise

Pink roses are for everlasting love, peace, beauty, poetic romance and dignity. A bunch of pink roses enhanced by vibrant greenery in a beautiful arrangement to be gifted to your loved ones. For those little times on hands, Each tender bud is beautiful, just like your loved one in this beautiful arrangement of pink roses.  

Essence of affection

Surprise your near and dear ones with this beautiful bouquet of 6 purple orchids in pink paper packing. It is the perfect way of expressing your heartfelt sentiments to your special one. It is the perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, date night, success party, mother’s day, friendship day or any other occasion

Extra Juicy Strawberry

Extra juicy strawberry cake with seasonal fruits, is the best cake package. This cake has a base of vanilla and is topped with strawberry jelly which is sure to tempt you. Exotic fruits add to its flavor.

Flowery Choco-Vanilla Cake 0.5 kg

This mouth watering cake will give you a feeling of paradise by its look and taste both. Beautifully baked with the most lip smacking flavors, this cake is decorated with chocolate and whipped cream flowers. Thus, this cake is not looking less than a paradise by its enticing look. So, shop this paradisiacal cake to embellish your special occasions.

Fresh Baked Eggless Mango Cake

Fresh Baked Eggless Mango Cake, This mango cake is bursting with fresh mango flavor! An impressive, show-stopping mango cake, Pure Vegetarian Cake.

Fresh Baked Strawberry Cake 500 gm

Fresh Baked Strawberry Cake 500 Gms. A delicious strawberry cake with strawberries Puree, and covered with scrumptious cream cheese whipped cream frosting.

Fresh Cream Fruit Cake 1 Kg

Perfect choice for fruit lovers with a sweet-tooth. This 1 Kg Fruit Cake is a healthy yet scrumptious choice of Cake indeed. Suitable for Birthdays, simple get-together etc. Order should be placed one day in advance.

Fresh Vanilla Cherry Cake 1 Kg

Sometimes sweet & simple pleasures have a greater ways in touching the heart than something lavish and exotic and this simplistic pleasure is what Vanilla flavour stands for. Send this yummy 1 Kg Vanilla Cake to your friends or family on their special day. Suitable for occasions likeBirthdays,Anniversary,Mother'sday Father's day Get-togethers etc.

Gems Truffle Cake

Order online Chocolate truffle with Gems Cake in Asansol, Eggless Pure veg with Swiss Chocolate truffle, Free Home Delivery to Asansol & Durgapur

German Wild Forest Cake 0.5 kg

This is a beautiful and stunning cake decorated with red cherries. Cheer up your occasion by having this cake. It is suitable for every occasion. The dark chocolate flakes on the side give a look of wild forest.The cake is having extraordinary taste and goes well with chocolate lovers.German Wild Forest Cake has taken its name from Italy. The name signifies cheer up

Golden Cake For Your Mom

Order Some Premium Quality Cake For Your Mother on Her Birthday Or Order Cake For Mother's Day, Fresh Cream Cakes, Pure Eggless Veg Cake, Celebrate Every Event With Your Lovely Mother in a Memorable Manner with Tasty Cakes, Free Shipping with Same Day Delivery Facility Are Available For Your Comfort, Order Cakes From Burnpur, Raniganj, Jamuria, Barakar, Kulti, Jamtara, Sitarampur, Rupnarayanpur, Asansol & Durgapur.

Golden Wishes

Take your friendship bond to a whole new level and gift your friends this amazing bouquet of 25 yellow roses packed in blue paper and tied with the blue knot. The bouquet signifies your friendship for recipient embedded with your deep feelings of love.

Gracious Surprise

Make your loved one feel extremely special with this beautiful bouquet of red roses. It’s a perfect gift for occasions like valentine’s day, birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, date night and many more occasions.  

Happy Mothers Day Photo Cake 1 kg

Enticingly bright and whimsical delight, this photo cake can easily charm your mom this Mothers Day. The photo of your choice or your moms choice on this delectable cake will just add the right touch of love.

Hawain Pineapple Cake 1 kg

Thinking of gifting anyone who is crazy about pineapple? Then surprise them today with this exquisite Hawain Pineapple Cake.It consist yummy vanilla sponge at the base with layers of fresh cream and pineapple.

Heaven’s Cake 1 KG

This cake is a lagoon of chocolate giving you extreme indulgence in every bite. Made up with a base of delicious red or chocolate sponge, the cake is smothered with exotic layers of milk chocolate ganache. Excellent gifting option on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or on a simple chocolate day.

Italian Almond Cake

This is a classic rich, sweet almond cake reinvented and simplified. Free Home Delivery..........

Just for You Mum Photo cake 1 kg

The photo of your choice or your moms choice on this delectable cake will just add the right touch of love…A delicious Personalized Photo Cake is a perfect gift for any party host! Personalized with your image.

Love U Mom Cake

Enticingly bright and whimsical delight, this photo cake can easily charm your mom this Mothers Day.The photo of your choice or your moms choice on this delectable cake will just add the right touch of love.

Mango Butterscotch Cake Asansol

Mango Butterscotch Cake Asansol, Order online for same day and midnight delivery, Delicious cake shop in Asansol, Durgapur and Raniganj.

Mango Cake

This mango cake is bursting with fresh mango flavor, It is decorated with chocolate garnish and topped with fresh mango flavor cream to offer the taste of real mangoes in every bite. Ideal gifting option for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, family get together or simply to savor the rich mango flavor cake Delivery In Asansol Shop

Mango Jelly Maharaja Cake

It is suitable for all occasions and ages. A buttery texture with the proper blend of mango cream will sweeten your taste bud. It’s beautifully crafted with fluffy sponge cake at the base and then smothered with fresh mango flavored crème.

Mango Velvet Cake Asansol

Mango Velvet Cake Asansol, This piece of the pie is the most delectable dessert available in Asansol, Free Home Delivery in Asansol & Burnpur.

Mom Day Bunch

Best Mothers Day gifts Delivery for your wonderful mum in Asansol, Bunch of 10 Yellow roses with basket of 500gm mix dryfruits.

Mom Special Cake 1 kg

Enticingly bright and whimsical delight, this photo cake can easily charm your mom this Mothers Day… The photo of your choice or your moms choice on this delectable cake will just add the right touch of love…A delicious Personalized Photo Cake is a perfect gift for any party host! Personalized with your image, the Photo is printed

Mothers Day Blackforest Cake

Mothers Day Blackforest Cake, Order this delicious & cherrylicious Dessert online for you Mom on this special Mothers day in

Mothers Day Cake Vanilla

Mothers Day Cake Vanilla, Asansol Cake Delivery Shop, Mothers Day Cake Vanilla, Eggless Vanilla Fresh Cream Cake for this Special Mothers Day

Mothers Day Cake with Kitkat

Mothers Day Cake with Kitkat, Tastiest Soft Fresh cream Eggless Vanilla Cake for your Mom, The best-selling mother's day cake in Asansol, Buy now and Send Happy Mothers Day Special Cakes Online in Asansol.

Mothers Day Greeting Card

Asansol Cake Shop offers high-quality Mother's Day Greeting Cards at Best Prices. Express love for your mother with message on Mother's Day Cards. (For Add-on, Delivery Only can be done when purchased with other regular items)

New Black Forest Cake

A classic Black forest with beauteous clothing. This cake offers you to unfold the taste of mysterious cherries with smooth classic cream O.5 KG

Newly Black Forest Delight 0.5 kg

This melt-in-the-mouth Black forest delight overloaded with chocolates is a perfect dessert to sweeten your special occasions. Enriched with fresh Vanilla cream, this cake is coated with fingerlicking chocolate ganache and adorned with luscious cherries. Grab this scrumptious cake on your special occasions and uplift the spirit of celebrations like never before!

Newly Black Forest Delight 1 Kg

This melt-in-the-mouth Black forest delight overloaded with chocolates is a perfect dessert to sweeten your special occasions. Enriched with fresh Vanilla cream, this cake is coated with fingerlicking chocolate ganache and adorned with luscious cherries. Grab this scrumptious cake on your special occasions and uplift the spirit of celebrations like never before!

Oreo Cookie Cake 1KG

Delicious is the only way to describe these yummy Oreo Cookie Cake It's a hybrid, a mash-up of brownie, cake and chocolate biscuit cake. With Oreos


Asansol Cakes Buys Online Delivery, An ultimate Chocolate Chip Oreo Cake, with Swiss Choco truffle. All Over Delivery in Asansol


An ultimate Chocolate Chip Oreo Cake, with Swiss Choco truffle. All Over Delivery in Asansol

Overloaded Fruit Cake 1 kg

Nothing can be more delicious yet healthier than this ambrosial fruit cake to please your taste buds with. Garnished with colorful and a variety of refreshing fruits like kiwi, Pineapple, Mango etc, this cake becomes a perfect birthday cake to send to your loved ones.

Peaceful Wish

This peaceful wishes combo is the epitome of love, care, respect, purity and affection. It is an amazing combo of 12 red roses and pineapple cake. This combo is surely going to bring lots of love, joy, happiness and enthusiasm in the life of your loved ones on their special day.

Peoples Pineapple Cake 0.5 kg

Have a long craving for Pineapple? This super delightful pineapple cake could be the best choice for you. This cake comes with the fully fresh, juicy chunks of the very tasty and fresh Pineapples and creamy layer. Being one of the most tasty cakes, it becomes an immediate favorite for all the special gatherings like picnics, birthdays or any other special occasions.

Photo Cake Half Kg

A delicious Personalized Photo Cake is a perfect gift for any party host! Personalized with your image, the Photo is printed on the top of the cake with edible inks and is 100% safe.Surprise your loved ones with a personalized cake.

Pineapple Cake

Make this Mother's Day one Mom will remember with a Delicious Pineapple Cake that's just as sweet and beautiful as she is, order best mother day cake for your sweetest mother. Book and send cake now to make your mother HAPPY!

Pineapple Cherry Cake 0.5 kg

A delightful all-time favourite pineapple cake with delicious icing and cherry on the top. Wish them a Happy Birthday or delight them on any occasion when you send our fresh Pineapple Cake. 

Pineapple Juicy Cake 1 kg

Heavenly tasting Pineapple syrup mixed with fresh cream is what makes Pineapple Cakes amazing. Send this 1 Kg Pineapple Cake to someone who savors Pineapple . Suitable for small yet sweet Occasions like a surprise party, or like a thank-you Cake etc.

Pineapple Nutty Cake

Are you having a huge craving for the Pineapple? Try this Pineapple cake that comes with fresh and juicy toppings of Pineapple and shiny red cherries. The full layer of richly whipped cream, pampered with caramel flakes gives you an exclusive creamy and crunchy taste. The taste of this cake is actually unforgettable.

Pineapple Puree Rose Cake

Pineapple Puree Rose Cake in Asansol, This Pineapple Fresh Cream Cake is made with pineapple puree for a finer and smoother textured pineapple, A Single Stem Rose on Side.

Plum Cake 1 Kg

If you love to eat cakes made with dried fruit or fresh fruit, then Plum cake is one of the best choices for you. At Yummy cake, you will find a huge collection of Plum cake online at best price. Book your order online and get home delivery...Book your order minimum a day before (24 hours Prior Notice)

Pool Butterscotch Cake

A delicious cake with crunchy chunks of Butterscotch which is further mixed with smooth caramel. The affable Butterscotch Cake is the amazing flavor amongst sweet-lovers. Butterscotch is favored by all age groups. The smooth buttery taste with twists of Butterscotch crunches gives an eternal taste experience.

Premium chocolate truffle cake

A combination of design and taste, this Premium chocolate truffle cake will surely grace the special occasions of those, who are near to your heart. It is so delicious and will surely satisfy the taste buds of the consumers as it is filled with sinfully rich chocolate.

Premium Fresh Fruit Vanilla Cake 1 kg

A vanilla Fresh Fruit Cake is perfect for any occasion be it birthday or anniversary or any other function and an absolute delight for fruits love.

Raisin & Chips Plum cake

Raisin & Chips Plum cake Moist, Chipsy, soft, light and delicious fruit cake made without alcohol and with Egg

Rasmalai Cake

Rasmalai Cake in Asansol and Durgapur, It is a cardamom flavored cake, the layers of which are soaked with the

Raspberry Vanilla Cake

Raspberry Vanilla Cake, a premium  fresh cream cake with a dual flavor, available for Asansol, Durgapur only, Please call +918927012199

Red Velvet Crunchy Cake 0.5 kg

Here is a mouth watering red velvet cake enriched with nutritious walnuts which makes this cake a perfect delicacy to gorge on every special occasions. Baked with the best quality of ingredients, this scrumptious cake is garnished with red velvet shavings, chocolate syrup, and topped with crunchy walnuts.You can order or send this cake and brighten up anyone's day at anytime.

Red Velvet Feast Cake 0.5 kg

Baked with utmost perfection, this cake is ready to spread the heavenly aroma in your life by its presence. This melt-in-the-mouth snowy cake is enriched with whipped cream and flavored with Vanilla. On the top and by the sides, this cake is garnished with red velvet shavings. So, order this soul pleasing treat that perfectly fit on every special occasion.

Red Velvety And Fruity Cake 0.5 kg

Get the richness of delicious red velvet and luscious fruits in one delicacy that you have never tasted before. If you taste this fit-for-the-king red velvet fruity cake, chances are that you will experience an euphoric feeling that will calm all your senses. Enriched with red velvet shavings, this cake is topped with luscious fruits which makes it a perfect treat to celebrate your special occasions with.

Rhythmic charm

Share a touch of class with your near and dear ones with our exotic 10 white rose bouquet. It is a graceful way to express your feelings on occasions where only pure emotions will do such as birthday, anniversary, weddings, valentine’s day, mother’s day, boss day and many more. White roses are expertly arranged in pink paper packing along with pink ribbon bow.